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Frequently Asked Questions:

-Is the dome private? You do nt. There is one other dome on the property but there are no sightlines between the two domes. Please see our drone shot in the photos. The white colored PVC walls are opaque and are a minimum of 9 feet tall. To date, we have had no issues with noise between the two domes, either. Privacy was a major consideration in the development of the property.
-Is there heating/air conditioning? Yes. The living room and each bedroom have a mini-split unit (see photos: on top the bar in living room and on top of each bed). They are working great in the Winter so far, but we do provide extra blankets and recommend guests bring a few extra layers in case they're prone to feeling cold. It is "glamping" after all! ;)
-Do we share a bathroom? No, the bathroom is yours. The "bath house" has two sides, but you only have access to one of the sides and we've built a wall in between so you don't see the guests of the other dome.
-Do you provide firewood, decorations, etc.? Not yet, but the ability to add "extras" to your stay are in progress.
-Can we move our reservation because of weather? Unfortunately, no. The only time we will cancel is if the roads are too icy to access the property. We'll be in touch if that type of weather is forecasted. We will say, though, that rain storms during dome stays are ultra cozy.
-Is there Wifi? Honestly, sometimes. We are at the mercy of satellite which has been hit-or-miss. Hopefully we can continue to improve this, but we ask that you keep this in mind when preparing for your stay. Most people have adequate cell service (depending on the provider).

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